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Before InduraFloor, solutions for damaged commercial flooring were defined by costly and laborious removal and replacement. 


Our base is applied directly over any type of substrate with virtually no preparation at over 1000 PSI Adhesion. There is no need for shot-blasting, scarifying, or sanding. It is a revolutionary  high performance solution  This means that the expensive and time intensive removal and grinding of conventional repair is completely avoided. A water-proof finish can be achieved as quickly as overnight.


InduraFloor is:

  • For applications in need of super strength adhesion and high durability.

  • Is the foundation of our basic tier Structural Slab repair coating system

  • Specifically used in airport hanger applications with a topcoat that is immune to the aircraft tire marking and damages associated.

  • Minimal prep required

  • No shot Blasting, scarifying, or sanding of substrate needed

Our system forms an impenetrable barrier that is resistant to chemicals, sewage, and water. Our  formulation is designed to not only be extremely tough with hydrolytic stability and low permeability, but  best of all we adhere to all USDA requirements for incidental food contact. 

InduraFloor is USDA Approved - Acceptable for use in USDA Inspected Facilities

Last Updated: December 2021




Warranty:  5 Years
(exclusions in warranty document)

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