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Epoxy. LA is the highest-rated contractor in all of Las Angeles and Orange county, owned and operated by a mastercraftsman, Matt Sawyer, who runs the floor installation company with a leading goal of always doing the best job possible. 

We first met Matt a few years back when we approached his company as a potential client for the introduction of InduraFloor's new Hydroblok Systems.


We met Matt on a project site he was working on and had a chance to watch him in his environment, where we were immediately impressed by his commitment to the project and the measures taken to deliver a top-quality finished product from start to finish.

We quickly learned that Matt pursued perfection by evolving the standard trade techniques making adjustments to the existing means and methods, and improving on the processes of application, making the project site cleaner, more efficient, and overall producing a better-finished product.


In speaking with Matt at length we learned about Epoxy.LA's ongoing search for new and innovative ideas and products that have the potential to improve any aspect of the process or various products themselves.


Later that week, we approached Epoxy.LA again, but not as a potential client, but rather with a vision to join us in our search for solutions to the industry's difficulties of moisture and surface conditions that lead to failures with epoxy and poly-based finish flooring, even for the best of installers and applicators, just as Epoxy.LA  also was experiencing regardless of their execution of a perfect application and going above and beyond the measures called out for. 

It was with the enthusiastic acceptance of our proposal that we then joined together with Epoxy.LA, in a partnership that was designed with a campaign that zeroed in on the epoxy flooring industry's failures and specially engineered a true solution that could be developed and produced to be offered to the industry around the globe in hopes of making it better and put a stop to those failures and the loss of profits that often accompanied every failure. 


Epoxy.LA takes on a newly designed role of being AYP/ InduraFloors  Research and Development division's field operations team, providing us an advantage in this war on failure that no other manufacturer or company has ever attempted. The collection of real application feedback and real-world data in real-time on an actual project site with very real environmental exposures and all the very real challenges.


Over the course of the last few years, due to Epoxy.LA's continued efforts and partnership we have successfully developed in a short time what has been deemed as impossible for so long, the very solution needed which we are able to offer to the industry globally, HYDROBLOK epoxy primer systems, and HydroBlok's MVB Moisture barrier systems. 


It's Matt's ability to work at incredible speed and with such fine detail while providing valuable data and results during trials to help us perfect the HydroBlok products and develop it further for more uses addressing even more failures


Anyone can see through Epoxy.LA's glowing reviews online and near-perfect reputation they carry that great care and passion go into the work performed, and the final product always speaks for itself. 


Epoxy.LA maintains a very select group of well-trained individuals that maintains an almost military-like air of operation and promotes continuing education through training and after-hour skill advancement with hands-on product understanding with the manufacturer's involvement or after-hours teaching.   


Epoxy.LA has since made the transition to using InduraFloor products exclusively, as they have afforded him no returns to job sites for product failure since they first started using them.


We are now working with Matt and Epoxy.LA in a new campaign of integrating the use of every other manufacturer's product with the InduraFloor systems, assuming the other products' success where before they would see failure.  


Matt now takes on even those projects that would before be rejected, helping so many homeowners that before InduraFloor, were left without a solution for their home, and he does so with great enthusiasm having confidence in the very tried and very true products that don't just outperform but produce IMPOSSIBLE feats of adhesion and durability in the face of conditions that would otherwise certainly lead to catastrophic failure.

We look forward to growing together with Matt and continuing to put an end to failures as we developed new solutions to the ever-shrinking number of problems the industry faces. 

If you're in the Las Angeles or orange county areas and looking to have an epoxy floor system added to your home, look up Matt and Epoxy. LA, and you can be assured your project will be the easiest process and the best experience with a contractor you'll ever have the pleasure to experience. 

I can say so myself, as I get to experience it just about every day. 

Thank You, Matt and Epoxy.LA, for your continued service to the industry and the many homeowners, past and future. 


Phone: 661.753.7565

Jonah M. Klein

Chief Executive Officer

InduraFloor Inc.

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