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Before InduraFloor, solutions for damaged commercial flooring were defined by costly and laborious removal and replacement. 


Our HydroBlok MVB is used to seal new and old concrete slab, especially problematic ones where previous failures have occurred, at over 1000 PSI Adhesion.

HydroBlok is:

  • Used when continuous moisture is present and a concern for future performance exists.

  • Used when Hydrostatic Pressure is present or exceeding other products performance abilities.

  • No shot Blasting, scarifying, or sanding of sub substrate needed

Ideal For:

  • New construction

  • Basements/Garages in Coastal Areas 

  • Any Area Below Grade

Our system forms an impenetrable barrier that is resistant to chemicals, sewage, and water. Our  formulation is designed to not only be extremely tough with hydrolytic stability and low permeability, but  best of all we adhere to all USDA requirements for incidental food contact. 

InduraFloor is USDA Approved - Acceptable for use in USDA Inspected Facilities

Last Updated: December 2021




Warranty:  5 Years
(exclusions in warranty document)

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